Nude Ranch Wrestling

June 9, 2011

vintage 8mm porn

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I think this weekend will be the first real taste of summer weather we’re going to have this year in balmy San Francisco. I visited my one friend in the suburbs with a pool last night and he still hasn’t removed the cover for the season yet. It’s been too cold.

I am sooo ready for real summer weather, I decided to add a little summertime treat to the VIP Room. “Nude Ranch Wrestling” comes from sometime in the late 1950’s, shot in black and white, with really poor camerawork and no preparation. But for it’s time, there wasn’t much else in the way of nude males to be found. There were laws preventing the filming of nude men touching – unless they were engaged in an act of pseudo-violence… like wrestling!

The movie starts with a sign hanging on a wall that serves as the title card for this silent (but deadly) smoker. It reads, “Rick’s Nude Ranch. Keep Out. Members Only. Wrestling Match.” So, the event for the day at this nude ranch is going to be a wrestling match? I am so there!

It’s a warm summer day with a blond twink playing a guitar in a swimming pool. Not a particularly glamorous pool, more like an elaborate horse trough, really. We keep referencing back to the twink with the guitar throughout this movie, as it’s obvious his segments were filmed at a different time and just used as transition material. The real action is between two muscular hunks that strip off their clothes the instant they meet. When they sit down on the upholstered couch out by the pool (bad idea!) one grabs a magazine, but that seems to displease the other guy tremendously as he grabs the magazine out of his buddy’s hand and begins to wrestle with him (or is it “wrassle”?)

The two guys who were friends mere moments ago are now rolling around the wrestling mat fighting for dear life. Between cutting back and forth to the blond twink on guitar, the wrestling ends with the two in a scissors hold rolling themselves into the pool. They shake hands and make up (but not make out…)

If there were a “money shot” in this movie made for the 1950’s movie audience, it would be when the two hunks rub a bit of suntan lotion on each other. It ends with the two of them wrapped in a giant towel.

And that, my friends, is what passed for gay porn 50 years ago!

See the whole scene in the VIP Room.



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